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Are you a star know-it-all? Take the Celebrity Quiz and see how you rank on the Hollywood expert scale! You'll find the answers to these Celebrity Quiz questions and more 411 during your visit to the Hollywood Wax Museum in Pigeon Forge, Tenn.

  1. What celebrity Oscar and Grammy winner thanked his grandmother in his acceptance speech?
  2. What lovable actress made only $600 a month when she first moved to New York City?
  3. Hollywood Icon Al Pacino has been known for his tough guy roles but what is the one thing that really gets under his skin?
  4. What Hollywood legend acquired his nickname from his childhood pet?
  5. What country made Angelina Jolie aware of worldwide humanitarian crises?
  6. What unique Pamela Anderson tribute can be found in Australia?
  7. What celebrity worked as an illustrator before pursuing a career in acting?
  8. Hugh Jackman started Laughing Man Worldwide, a charity devoted to fostering entrepreneurship and education. What does Laughing Man Worldwide sell?
  9. What is Samuel L. Jackson's favorite pastime?
  10. Which of these lovely ladies had a tiger for a pet when she was young?


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