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Hollywood Wax Museum (Pigeon Forge)

Hollywood Wax Museum (Pigeon-forge)

Hollywood Wax Museum in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee is a monumental new attraction that opened in May 2012. The building is a tribute to the U.S. film industry and the artists who have become part of American culture. The country's major movie-making locations - Hollywood and New York - are heralded as part of this Pigeon Forge top attraction and include the Great Ape of Pigeon Forge, as well as the wax museum's own version of Mt. Rushmore with the sculpted faces of legendary Hollywood stars John Wayne, Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe and Charlie Chaplin. Located at the corner of Parkway Boulevard and Showplace Boulevard on the main parkway in the Hollywood Wax Museum Entertainment Center, the new Pigeon Forge Wax Museum is among the most fun things to do for visitors of all ages.

Once inside, you'll get to pose for photos with your favorite Hollywood stars and pop culture icons. From Brad Pitt to Bradley Cooper, Robert Downey Jr. to Julia Roberts, and Johnny Cash to Johnny Depp, you'll step into the spotlight with Hollywood luminaries while learning about their pets, pet peeves and accomplishments.

Hollywood Wax Museum Pigeon Forge also offers a unique shopping opportunity at the Studio Store, where you'll find an excellent collection of celebrity souvenirs and memorabilia.

Two more new Pigeon Forge attractions are right next door in the Hollywood Wax Museum Entertainment Center: Castle of Chaos, the world's first 5D adventure, and Hannah's Maze of Mirrors, where you find your way through hundreds of mirrored archways in a gallant quest to save Princess Hannah of Savannah.

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