Hollywood Wax Museum Unveils Sign to Celebrate 40 Years

Hollywood Wax Museum - Hollywood

Hollywood Boulevard gets a Radiant Facelift with Hollywood Wax Museum's New 50-Foot Neon Sign

Hollywood Wax Museum Unveils Sign to Celebrate 40 Years

HOLLYWOOD (APRIL 26, 2006) - The newest stars along Hollywood's Walk of Fame won't be embedded in the sidewalk. They'll illuminate the night sky as part of the Hollywood Wax Museum's brand-new neon sign to be mounted nearly 50 feet above the stars of Bing Crosby and Edgar Bergen.

Celebrating its 40th year on Hollywood Boulevard, the family-owned and operated Hollywood Wax Museum selected the Los Angeles division of Young Electric Sign Company to create a masterpiece using 1,532 incandescent lightbulbs and 1,189 feet of neon. The sign casts a red, white, and blue glow that stretches nearly a half mile along Hollywood Boulevard, from Highland Avenue to McCadden Street. The company utilized hand-blown neon tubes to craft the sign's 17 red stars, representing the children and grandchildren of the Museum's 83-year-old founder Spoony Singh. The stars are affixed to a 36-foot blue-striped crescent that says Hollywood Wax Museum, and it is topped with a rotating Museum logo that is eight feet in diameter. The sign's stars twinkle while the letters light up one at a time and then flash all at once with the intensity of 130 million candles.

The new sign is the third in the history of the Hollywood Wax Museum, which Singh created from a former luggage factory in 1966. He designed the original red and white sign using a formal British-style script to honor the place where wax sculpting originated. In 1997, Singh's son oversaw a major renovation of the Museum which included a narrower focus on wax likenesses of movie stars. He replaced the world-recognized sign with a gold and blue marquee that was backlit to resemble a moving reel of film. He also added the rotating top piece.

This time, it is Singh's grandson, Tej Sundher, who is spearheading the updating of a Hollywood icon. The new sign, which burns 11 times brighter than the previous one, celebrates the Museum's 40-year history while beaming a message about its next 40 years.

"We designed the new sign with a retro 1950s look to pay tribute to the era when wax museums were novel and plentiful in America. The Hollywood Wax Museum is now the longest-standing wax museum in California, so we wanted to embrace the past, while also presenting a show that features A-list stars and uses the latest advancements in wax artistry."

The new addition to Hollywood's skyline is also a sign of changes inside the Museum. Sundher is currently overseeing a multi-million dollar remodel which includes updating the Chamber of Horrors and building a "Hollywood" set that will also accommodate private parties. The renovation is scheduled for completion this summer.

The world's only wax museum dedicated to showcasing Hollywood stars opened its doors Friday, February 26, 1966 and has continued to provide an unmatched entertainment experience to hundreds of thousands of visitors each year. Open 365 days per year from10AM to Midnight, theHollywood Wax Museum is located on Hollywood Blvd. just east of Highland Avenue, across the street from the Hollywood Guinness World Records Museum. For more information, call the Hollywood Wax Museum at 323.462.5991 or visit www.hollywoodwax.com.

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