World’s Most Tattooed Woman Visits the Hollywood Wax Museum

Julia Gnuse, Most Tattooed Woman with Guinness World Records Museum General Manager Lon Casey, who showed her where she appears in the 2012 Guinness Book of World Records

Julia Gnuse, The world’s most tattooed woman, made a recent visit to the Hollywood Guinness World Records Museum.   She was visiting our Los Angeles Entertainment Attraction to shoot an interview with a German television station.

Current and Former Most Tattooed Women Record Holders

Ninety five percent of Gnuse’s body is covered in ink.

Her body art passion was inspired by a skin condition she suffers from called porphyria, a skin disorder similar to lupus where exposure to sunlight leaves the body scarred.  In a creative way to cover this up, she decided to have her whole body and face completely tattooed. Her tattoos include flowers, frogs, unicorns and even Hollywood celebrities like Lucille Ball and the Beatles.

Julia Gnuse has reported estimates that she spent over than $70,000 on her body art.   In the past, she worked as a courier and a cookie now she has developed a business making personal appearances. World's Most Tattooed Woman at The Guinness World Records Museum

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