Steven Seagal Spotted in Hollywood

Hollywood Joe got the latest scoop on Steven Seagal’s epic comeback from our Hollywood Wax Museum employee Joseph (aka Hollywood Joseph).

Guest post from Hollywood Joseph:

Now I love all types of films (horror included), but I would have to say action movies are my favorite.  Especially when martial arts are involved, because who wouldnn’t want to break boards with their bare hands and fight crime on a daily basis?  I sure would!

So it was pretty cool to run across Steven Seagal the other day while I was taking my shortcut through the back alley behind Jimmy Kimmel’s studio. Most of the stars I meet are smaller in person, but WOW, Steven is someone you really don’t want to mess with.  He towers over just about everyone at 6’4″ and has the largest hands I’ve ever seen.  No wonder he can knock out a man in one punch!

Steven’s new TV series, “True Justice,” premieres tomorrow, March 30, 2012, on the ReelzChannel in the U.S.A.  In the show, he plays an undercover cop.

Now, I know happen to know a little fact about Steven Seagal and police duties.  Down in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana, he is also known as Deputy Seagal.  You heard it here–Steven Seagal is a real life crime fighter!

I also caught word that 2012 is the year for Steven’s return to the big screen.  His film Maximum Conviction is currently in the works, and I’ll be first in line at the theaters when it’s released. (BTW: More punch is added with co-star Stone Cold Steve Austin!)  The film is packed with high adrenaline and kick butt action. I should have asked Steven to teach me some cool moves!

Anyway, he’s also working on his 3rd studio album with an expected release this year. I  didn’t even know he was also a blues and rasta musician too. One love, Steven!

Thanks for keeping us up to date with what’s new in Hollywood, Joseph!

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3 Responses to Steven Seagal Spotted in Hollywood

  1. Erica says:

    I’m a 5th grader & I’ve been hearin about my class going here, but I live in Sacramento, ca and this is in LA and instead of my class going there, my class is going to do a project where we pick a person (such as Emilia Earhart).. I want to be her& we do a speech about her and then we present in during our open house in may and we do practice/rehearsal during school

    • Hollywood Joe says:

      Hi Erica, Your school project sounds great, and Amelia Earhart is a wonderful person to choose. We hope your class does get to visit the Hollywood Wax Museum one day too!

  2. Erica says:

    Thanks I appreciate it

    From Erica 😉

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