Ryan Gosling Filming Gangster Squad in Hollywood!

Ryan Gosling fans – here’s some news from our Hollywood Wax Museum employee Joseph! He was spotted by our “Hollywood Joe” while filming his latest film.

Enjoy a Cup of “Hollywood Joe” from our Guest blogger Hollywood Joseph:Ryan Gosling Filming Gangster Squad

BBQ ribs sounded good the other night, and Chef William Annesley (aka Bloody Bill) at Boardner’s makes great ones!

As I approached the tavern that’s been on Cherokee Ave. since 1942, I was all-of-the-sudden IN the 1940s. Just as I was wondering if I had been swallowed by some weird time travel vortex, gunshots fired and Ryan Gosling (yes, I said Ryan Gosling) pushed a kid out of harm’s way!

Turns out they were filming Gangster Squad, and I was right in the middle of the action!

The movie is a 1940’s crime drama based on a true story about a special unit of the LA Police Dept. called the Gangster Squad. It was formed to keep the mafia out of the City of Angels.

Hollywood's Boardner's in Gangster Squad

Boardner’s takes center stage as the Cabana Club during this scene

The film stars Sean Penn, Ryan Gosling, Josh Brolin, and Emma Stone.  That night, I saw Ryan, vintage cars, and Boardner’s turned into The Cabana Club. I’ll be checking out the movie when it hits theaters on October 19!

Thanks for your post, Hollywood Joseph!

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