Emmy Rossum Charms Fans in Hollywood

If you’re a fan of Emmy Rossum (and ice cream), you’re in for a real treat with this guest blog from our star-sighting guru and Hollywood Wax Museum employee, Joseph.

Ever had a day where everything goes wrong?  Well that was my day, so humor me.  I slept straight through my alarm, wore two mismatching shoes to the Hollywood Wax Museum and forgot my lunch!

So after work, I went straight home to do nothing but chow down on Chinese takeout and watch TV.  But as fate would have it, the cable box broke and my food was cold.  No “Game of Thrones”?  Could this day get any worse?

I needed a walk, so I grabbed my sweatshirt and put on a pair of matching sneakers.  What would make me feel better?  ICE CREAM.  Rosewater ice cream from Mashti Malone’s!  Headed down La Brea with only one thing on my mind…

That’s when I saw her – Emmy Rossum!


A small crowd had already recognized the actress and she was super sweet to everyone.  She stopped and posed for pictures right there on the street!


She acted nothing like her character, Fiona Gallagher, on “Shameless.” The first two seasons of “Shameless” were so great, I can’t wait to see Emmy on season three!






Emmy (who sang opera as a kid before joining acting school) starred in the film “Phantom of the Opera,” playing the lead, Christine.  Who knew she was multi-talented and charming! She was dressed up all in yellow and smiled the whole time.

Her smile made my day…and so did that scoop of ice cream.  Guess the day turned out OK after all!





Thanks for the post Joseph! Be sure to follow all of Hollywood Joe’s blogs and Joseph’s latest celebrity encounters on Twitter!

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Robert Downey, Jr. with Joan Rivers in Branson?

Robert Downey, Jr. with Joan RiversThe Hollywood Wax Museum had a surprise double star sighting – on our Hollywood Wax Museum Facebook page of all places!

The photo to your right with Robert Downey Jr.’s wax figure and Joan Rivers was “sighted” on our Facebook page last week from a photo tag from Terry’s Tour Guide, a presentation of all things Branson, Missouri as seen through the eyes (and disguises!) of Terry Wayne Sanders and friends.

Terry- thanks for the great photo and WOW, you are a fabulous Joan Rivers impersonator!

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Fergie Turns Heads in Hollywood

Check out the latest celebrity sighting from our fabulous Hollywood Wax Museum employee, Joseph (aka Hollywood Joseph). Hint: Fergie, sparkling!

Guest Post from Hollywood Joseph:

Tuesday is league night over at Lucky Strike, so I took the 5 minute walk down Hollywood Boulevard to the bowling alley right after work.

All I could think about was that perfect hook, when Fergie strolled right past me!  I couldn’t miss her ’cause she was all sparkly from head to toe.  Luckily, I never leave the Hollywood Wax Museum without my camera. On a
night like this it totally came in handy, so I snapped away!

Fergie appeared to be making her way toward Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, where I heard Josh Duhamel was waiting.  Josh is one lucky guy – Fergie turned every head with that silver dress she had on.  I couldn’t help but notice how high her heels were – who would’ve guessed she’s only 5 feet tall?

I may love wearing Hawaiian shirts, but I DO know when a girl’s got style…and let me tell you, Fergie has just that!  Along with a set of Grammy winning pipes (I hear “Fergalicious” playing in my head right now), she’s also a shoe and purse designer. Both Fergie
Footwear and Kipling handbags are super trendy lines.  Fergie looked like she was having fun and smiled at everyone.

Wonder if she makes bowling bags?  I could use a new one!

Thanks for the latest 411 Joseph!

What do YOU think of Fergie’s style?

Leave your feedback below or email Hollywood Joe at hollywoodjoe@hollywoodwax.com!

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Clippers Chris Paul Visits Hollywood Wax Museum

Chris Paul Visits Hollywood Wax MuseumHollywood Joe and team had a ball welcoming Chris Paul to our Hollywood Wax Museum yesterday!

Our favorite LA Clipper brought his family visiting from North Carolina to enjoy hang time with the stars on his day off… and maybe to put his arm around some of his “smaller” friends, i.e. wax characters like Jack Black, Tom Cruise and Steve Carrell.

Chris Paul and his family also visited the Hollywood Guinness World Records Museum and Ripley’s Believe it or Not Museum.

Don’t miss tonight’s dual between the Clippers and Lakers right here in LA.

And, Chris, if you’re reading this, post your favorite pic on the Hollywood Wax Museum Facebook page!  It was great having a star like you at our popular Hollywood entertainment attractions!



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Branson Missouri Turns 100 – Century Celebration Kicks Off

It’s time to party in Missouri’s top vacation spot! That’s right! Branson, home of the Hollywood Entertainment Center, is turning 100 years old and celebrates with a year-long series of events starting now!

The Show Me State is showing us Branson’s Century of Heritage, Hospitality and Harmony, beginning April 1, 2012, with the opening of the Branson Centennial Museum. It’s the region’s first history museum, curated by Jim and Jean Babcock.

Of course, there are at least100 ways to celebrate Branson, Missouri’s 100, including:

*Visit! Enjoy Branson’s live shows, attractions, shopping, lakes, golf courses and more!

*Learn to play the fiddle.

*Do “random act of hospitality”

*Take 100 photos on your trip to Branson and post your favorites on the Branson 100 Facebook page.

*Eat Goo Goo Clusters! These tasty treats were introduced in 1912.

Branson, Missouri was incorporated on April 1, 2012 and got its name from the man who opened the first general store and post office, Reuben S. Branson.  The first family attraction was Marvel Cave beneath the property where Silver Dollar City theme park is located today.

There’s never been a better time to visit Branson! The town was recently featured as one of 2012’s Best Family Vacations by Away.com, and the Hollywood Wax Museum was selected as an attraction you wouldn’t want to miss!  Southwest Airlines is now offering direct fights to Branson, making traveling easier and more affordable, than ever.

Happy 100th Branson! Let us know how you’ll be celebrating!




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Steven Seagal Spotted in Hollywood

Hollywood Joe got the latest scoop on Steven Seagal’s epic comeback from our Hollywood Wax Museum employee Joseph (aka Hollywood Joseph).

Guest post from Hollywood Joseph:

Now I love all types of films (horror included), but I would have to say action movies are my favorite.  Especially when martial arts are involved, because who wouldnn’t want to break boards with their bare hands and fight crime on a daily basis?  I sure would!

So it was pretty cool to run across Steven Seagal the other day while I was taking my shortcut through the back alley behind Jimmy Kimmel’s studio. Most of the stars I meet are smaller in person, but WOW, Steven is someone you really don’t want to mess with.  He towers over just about everyone at 6’4″ and has the largest hands I’ve ever seen.  No wonder he can knock out a man in one punch!

Steven’s new TV series, “True Justice,” premieres tomorrow, March 30, 2012, on the ReelzChannel in the U.S.A.  In the show, he plays an undercover cop.

Now, I know happen to know a little fact about Steven Seagal and police duties.  Down in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana, he is also known as Deputy Seagal.  You heard it here–Steven Seagal is a real life crime fighter!

I also caught word that 2012 is the year for Steven’s return to the big screen.  His film Maximum Conviction is currently in the works, and I’ll be first in line at the theaters when it’s released. (BTW: More punch is added with co-star Stone Cold Steve Austin!)  The film is packed with high adrenaline and kick butt action. I should have asked Steven to teach me some cool moves!

Anyway, he’s also working on his 3rd studio album with an expected release this year. I  didn’t even know he was also a blues and rasta musician too. One love, Steven!

Thanks for keeping us up to date with what’s new in Hollywood, Joseph!

Readers: Can’t get enough high thrill action films?  Let us know your favorite movie and action hero on Facebook!



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Ryan Gosling Filming Gangster Squad in Hollywood!

Ryan Gosling fans – here’s some news from our Hollywood Wax Museum employee Joseph! He was spotted by our “Hollywood Joe” while filming his latest film.

Enjoy a Cup of “Hollywood Joe” from our Guest blogger Hollywood Joseph:Ryan Gosling Filming Gangster Squad

BBQ ribs sounded good the other night, and Chef William Annesley (aka Bloody Bill) at Boardner’s makes great ones!

As I approached the tavern that’s been on Cherokee Ave. since 1942, I was all-of-the-sudden IN the 1940s. Just as I was wondering if I had been swallowed by some weird time travel vortex, gunshots fired and Ryan Gosling (yes, I said Ryan Gosling) pushed a kid out of harm’s way!

Turns out they were filming Gangster Squad, and I was right in the middle of the action!

The movie is a 1940’s crime drama based on a true story about a special unit of the LA Police Dept. called the Gangster Squad. It was formed to keep the mafia out of the City of Angels.

Hollywood's Boardner's in Gangster Squad

Boardner’s takes center stage as the Cabana Club during this scene

The film stars Sean Penn, Ryan Gosling, Josh Brolin, and Emma Stone.  That night, I saw Ryan, vintage cars, and Boardner’s turned into The Cabana Club. I’ll be checking out the movie when it hits theaters on October 19!

Thanks for your post, Hollywood Joseph!

Readers: what’s your favorite gangster movie? Post here or on Facebook www.facebook.com/hollywoodwaxmuseum.



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Michael Jackson’s Broken Heart Stone at Grauman’s

Hollywood Joe was there when Michael Jackson’s children pressed his shoes and iconic sparkly glove into the cement at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre.

Fans gathered on Hollywood Boulevard to experience the touching ceremony that honored the late, great King of Pop.  The sky was beautiful, the Highland Ave. exit was jammed, and the mood of the waiting crowd was somber until Michael Jackson’s mother talked about him and Prince, Paris, and Blanket cemented his memory in the famous forecourt.

The posthumous hand and footprint ceremony was star-studded with Quincy Jones, Smokey Robinson, and Justin Bieber, who said that Michael Jackson was his inspiration.


But what Hollywod Joe found out afterwards was a surprise to everyone: Michael Jackson already had a cement hand print!

Hollywood Joe's Picture of Michael Jackson's Tribute Stone Next to the Broken Heart Stone at Grauman's

It is called the “Broken Heart Stone” because there is a crack in the heart-shape of Michael’s hand print. The almost 400 pound stone was made for a Walk of Fame project in Las Vegas in 1984 and was found hiding in the basement of the Riviera Hotel 22 years later.

After being  discovered, it was sold at an auction and then donated to Michael Jackson’s estate when he died.  After the ceremony at Grauman’s, the 1984 memento was placed right next to the new one created by his children.

The King taught us how to moon walk, even our ABC’s, and is now forever immortalized right outside Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, down the street from the Hollywood Wax Museum.

Post your pic at Michael Jackson’s hand and footprints at www.facebook.com/hollywoodwaxmuseum!

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Chuck O’Day Wins Dancing with the Stars of Branson !

We blogged last month about our Branson Hollywood Wax Museum General Manager, Chuck O’Day who volunteered his time (and moves!!) to Dancing with the Stars of Branson.

Chuck O'Day and Stephanie Richardson

Latest update!! Last night, Chuck, a first-time dancer won for his “Dances Like Jagger” routine!

Dancing with the Stars of Branson (like the popular TV show) pairs community leaders and local celebrities with professional dancers. Chuck’s dancing partner was professional dancer Stephanie Richardson.

The overall charity supported this year was the Branson Arts Council, and Chuck and Stephanie danced for A Day for Shay and Pals, raising about $5,500 from sponsors (including the Hollywood Wax Museum, Vacation Services of America, Native Signs, Go Fetch, Brent and Cristal Hedrick and Cash and Kresleigh Hedrick) and members of the audience. A Day for Shay is dedicated to researching and finding treatments for autism, named for Chuck’s daughter Shay, who was diagnosed with autism at the age of 18 months.

Chuck and Stephanie with their Mirror Ball Trophy

Chuck and Stephanie with their Mirror Ball Trophy

Over $33,000.00 was raised at the event, which was attended by a record 510 people.  Chuck and Stephanie won both the Mirror Ball Trophy (for most money raised) and the Judges Cup (for the couple that “tickled the judges fancy” the most).  This was the first time in the 3 year history of Dancing with the Stars of Branson that a couple has won in both categories.

See video below!  The show is expected to air on the Vacation Channel in a couple of weeks.  Stay tuned for times!

See the video below!!  Congratulations Chuck!  We are so proud to have you on the Hollywood Wax Museum Team!

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No Tornado Damage at Hollywood Wax Museum Branson

Branson Recovers Quickly from Tornado
Streets are Looking Cleaner and Attractions are Open in Branson

The Hollywood Wax Museum in Branson was not damaged by last night’s tornado, and the city’s recovery is happening quickly.

In a press conference this morning, Mayor Raeanne Presley said the city will be back in business in days, possibly by Thursday. She said, “more of Branson is not damaged than is damaged,” pointing out that major attractions are not hurt.

The crew at the Hollywood Wax Museum, Castle of Chaos, and Hannah’s Maze of Mirrors is cleaning debris from the parking lot and surrounding area of Highway 76 today but will be open for regular business hours starting tomorrow, March 1, 2012.

Updates will be available at www.facebook.com/hollywoodwaxmuseum and www.facebook.com/hollywoodentertainmentcenter.

Thanks to all for thoughts, wishes and support for the Branson community.

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