Bring the Oscars to You – Oscar Party Tips!

Can’t make the Oscars this year?  Don’t worry!  Hollywood Joe has the tips you need to bring the 84th Annual Academy Awards right to you!  Host your very own Oscar party and leave your guests feeling like they’ve just won Best Picture!The 2012 Oscars

Here’s Our Easy Tips To Make Your Oscar Party Shine:
-Roll out the red carpet before your guests arrive.  Announce each guest to the room and snap a photo as they enter in true Hollywood paparazzi style.

-Keep the color scheme gold for the Oscars, silver for the silver screen, red for the red carpet, and black for film.

-Grab some movie posters, or celeb cardboard cutouts for some fun photo ops or to set the atmosphere.

-And include your own photo with your personal Hollywood Walk of Fame Star.
**Where can you get that you ask? At Starring You on Hollywood Boulevard two doors down from the Hollywood Wax Museum!

-You might also want to invite guests to dress formally, or encourage them to dress up as their favorite character from a nominated movie. Of course, award a prize at the end of the night for best dressed. This Academy Awards affair should be nothing short of fabulous!

-You an also include a ballot box for your guests to predict the winners in each Oscar category.  At the end of the night, review the ballots and award a prize to the winner.
**You can download a ballot here, or create your own based on the nominees. Prizes could include, movie tickets, the soundtrack from the best picture nominees, earlier films featuring the best actor or actress nominees, or a copy of last year’s best picture, The King’s Speech.

-For more fun, during commercial breaks, play movie, celebrity, or Oscar trivia games to find the ultimate Oscar fan.  Or, have your guests share their favorite films, actors, and directors.

-Of course, movie themed snacks are a must during the show.  ABC Local has some great ideas for appetizers and goodies like black and white cookies for The Artist.

No matter how you choose to celebrate the biggest night in film, Hollywood Joe knows you’ll be tuned in live to ABC this Sunday at 7 pm Eastern/4 pm Pacific.

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