On The Boulevard When America Gets A Walk Of Fame Star

America is known for the stars and stripes, but this time a very special star was given to America.  The band America that is!

Here’s what Guest Blogger and Hollywood Wax Museum employee Joseph had to say:

I got to party with some rock stars today… well maybe not party, but I did get to hang out with AMERICA!  No going through the desert required, just a typical day at work!

Joseph and Gerry Beckley of America

America’s members (who are from London) were most popular during the 1970’s, with their hit single “A Horse with No Name” and continue rocking out today. My personal fav is “I Need You”. I always turn the volume up when I hear that classic.

Hollywood Boulevard was packed for America’s Walk of Fame Ceremony

The ceremony was held right across the street from the Hollywood Wax Museum in front of Musician’s Institute on Hollywood Boulevard.

Billy Bob Thronton speaking at the Ceremony

I was surprised to see Billy Bob Thornton at the podium. But, it turns out he’s a singer and song writer for the group The Boxmasters. (I took a listen to their hillbilly rock ‘n roll, and it’s cool!) Anyway, he said America was one of his major musical influences.

America and John Stamos

I also had to scratch my head when I saw actor/musician John Stamos on stage with Dewey Bunnell and Gerry Beckley.

I knew he was a drummer who’s been performing with the Beach Boys, but I didn’t know about his connection to America.  So, here it is: In 2011, John teamed up with America at a charity event to benefit Mothers2Mothers, a non-profit that’s helping prevent the spread of HIV in Africa.  Very nice!

It was a little cloudy the day of the Walk of Fame Ceremony, but no So Cal rain. Congrats America!  Now I’m thinking I should start a band…

Thanks for your post Joseph! And, Happy July 4th to our readers!

Want to have your own Star Ceremony?  No problem! Next time you visit Hollywood Boulevard check out Starring You to get your own star! (And, it doesn’t cost $30,000!)

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