Marcia Cross Has Hollywood Visitors Desperately Starstruck!

Hollywood Joe brings us his latest account of a chance encounter with a Desperate Housewife!

Today at lunch I was following the latest Twitter updates that Jogasaki Burrito food truck was tweeting. It was parked a block away from the Hollywood Wax Museum!  Sushi burrito time!

On my way back to work I noticed a small gathering of people across the street. Even though this is a regular occurrence on Hollywood Boulevard, I was curious. So I headed over to see what the commotion was all about.

It was Desperate Housewives star, Marcia Cross, being escorted by her publicist! I couldn’t quite hear what they were chatting about over the street traffic and the constant clicking of the cameras.  Must’ve been something great because Marcia looked quite happy.   Seriously, I’ve never seen hair that red!


I imagined her acting like a villain – flashback to her crazy character, Dr. Kimberly Clark, on Melrose Place.  Yes, I admit that was my fav TV show in the 90’s!  We made eye contact right before I realized I still had leftovers smeared across my face.  Party foul!

Hope this Emmy and Golden Globe nominee hadn’t noticed…

Great report Joseph – next time be sure to pick up some napkins before running into a Hollywood star! Leave Joseph YOUR comments below!

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