Joseph Catches Sight Of A Seinfeld Star

Our very own Hollywood Joseph spots a TV favorite — Patrick Warburton — on the red carpet at a recent movie premiere!

Puddy on Seinfeld. Joe on Family Guy. The Tick. Jeff on Rules of Engagement. These are some of my favorite characters from TV shows past and present — and they’ve all been played by one person: the fantastic Patrick Warburton. His deep voice is so distinctive … did you know he’s even featured in several theme-park attractions? The guy is everywhere!

Hollywood Joseph spots Patrick Warburton in Hollywood.Some pals and I were recently grabbing a slice of pizza at Grecos New York Pizza — just down the street from the Hollywood Wax Museum — when I spotted a bunch of commotion at the TCL Chinese Theatre across the street. Turns out, it was the premiere for Movie 43… and guess who was walking the red carpet? That’s right: Patrick Warburton!

Known as the photographer among my friends — and not wanting to miss the opportunity — I put down my slice of pepperoni and stepped outside to get a few shots. Patrick looked like he was having lots of fun, meeting and greeting fans and fellow celebrities. I recently read somewhere that Patrick will be seen later this year in the movie A Many Splintered Thing, alongside Luke Wilson and Aubrey Plaza. One of my friends also mentioned hearing about Patrick’s next “Golf for Kids” Celebrity Golf Tournament, taking place in Spring 2014 at the Classic Club in Palm Desert, California. It’ll be the fourth annual event, which raises money for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital — a very worthy cause!

A fun celebrity sighting, and all because we were craving some pizza. Never a dull moment in Hollywood, my friends!

Another great story, Joseph! Is there any celebrity you haven’t caught a glimpse of? Readers: Do you golf? Which celebrity would you most want to “hit the links” with? Let us know in the comments below.

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