Jimmy Kimmel Show Guests: Vin Diesel and Katie Holmes

Thanks to the Hollywood Wax Museum’s unofficial “Hollywood Joe” (aka Hollywood Joseph) we have a newly brewed cup of “Hollywood Joe” to sip on – Enjoy!

Guest post from Hollywood Joseph (thanks for the “Joe” Joseph!)
So, today, I walked to the alley behind the Jimmy Kimmel show in hopes of getting an autograph from Vin Diesel (who stars in four of the five Fast & Furious films). I was surprised to see so many photographers there.

Jimmy Kimmel AlleyJimmy Kimmel Alley Photagrapher

They said they were waiting for Katie Holmes, who was also appearing on the show that eve. She showed up wearing a black dress with red polka dots, high red heels, and a jeans jacket. But, I couldn’t even get a picture because those seemingly calm and peace-loving photographers turned into a pack of wild snapping Chihuahuas when she walked through the alley trying to avoid the water on the ground.

Here’s a clip from Katie’s interview, but she took off the jeans jacket… too bad.

I did get Vin Diesel’s autograph, and he commented on how much he liked the picture I brought.

**Joseph – thanks for our guest post and for sharing your Hollywood Nights insight with us!!

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