Hollywood’s Leading Ladies Spotted In Santa Monica

Hollywood Wax Museum employee Joseph does it again! Here’s his weekend recap full of Santa Monica attractions and, of course, celebrities!

One of my favorite things to do when the sun is shining in
LA –which is pretty much every day (yes we’re spoiled in So Cal) – is head west to the beach.  Last weekend, I did just that with Santa Monica’s Third Street Promenade as my first stop.

For those of you who haven’t been, the street is full of trendy shops, tourists and street performers – you never know who you’ll rub elbows with.  I spotted Olivia Wilde out and about, enjoying the great weather.

In addition to modeling and acting, Olivia dabbles in a bit of political activism too! She’s a member of Artists for Peace & Justice that offers help in Haiti.

Next stop was my all-time favorite attraction – the Santa Monica Pier!  Roller coasters, cotton candy (who isn’t a fan?), a 1922 vintage carousel and…Zoe Saldana…?!

I had to pinch myself!  She was in a big rush but leaned out of her car to sign a couple of autographs, proving just how cool she is.  Coincidentally, she’s starring in the thriller The Words with Miss Olivia Wilde due out in September.

After stuffing myself with way too much salt water taffy, I took a stroll along the famous Venice Beach Boardwalk, which is anything but boring.

Before I could convince myself to sign up for a surfing lesson, My Week with Marilyn’s Michelle Williams, Stana Katic (where was her sidekick Castle?) and The Help’s Jessica Chastain appeared out of the blue. Amazing star sighting day! All three actresses were dressed up and definitely headed to a big event.

Santa Monica was the place to be that weekend! But, Hollywood is home. Lucky me!

WOW!  Your weekend was sure jam-packed with a bevy of beauties and fun, Joseph.  Thanks for sharing your exciting trip to the beach!

Readers: Post your favorite weekend activities and any celeb sightings you’ve had on Facebook!

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