Hollywood Wax Museum Secures Celebrity Autographs on Rocketeer Movie Helmet

Hollywood Wax Museuem's Autographed Rocketeer Helmet
Veronica Displays Autographed Rocketeer Helmet

And now for some fun movie memorabilia from Hollywood Joe.

Whether or not you’re part of The Rocketeer’s worldwide cult following, this 1991 comic book adaptation is a true Disney classic. It’s about a 1930s stunt pilot who uses a prototype jetpack to become a high-flying helmeted hero. This Friday, the same director (Joe Johnston) brings us Captain America: The First Avenger, a Marvel comic book film also set in the WWII era.
Surely, you’ve already seen the barrage of Captain America PJs, alarm clocks, masks, mugs, gloves, shields, key rings, and a multitude of action figures with various weapons and modes of transportation. But, these days, it’s much harder to find original trading cards, pins, toys, and the like from The Rocketeer.
Well, check out Hollywood Wax Museum team member Veronica with an original Rocketeer helmet, signed by lead actor Billy Campbell, seven-time Oscar winning makeup designer Rick Baker, actor Tiny Ron Taylor, and illustrator William Stout.
We got these celebrity autographs at the 20th Anniversary screening of The Rocketeer at the El Capitan Theatre. Funniest thing was… Tiny Ron, who played bad guy Lothar, said he wanted to punch the helmet just like he did in the movie and then sign on the dent. But, instead, he drew a crack next to his signature.
El Capitan Theatre Marquee for 20th Anniversary of The Rocketeer
What do you think of this summer’s comic book movies:  Thor;  X-Men: First Class; Green Lantern;  Captain America: The First Avenger; and Cowboys & Aliens?
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