Hollywood Nights – Tacos and Wonder Woman

Thanks again to our guest blogger Hollywood Joseph (one of the Hollywood Wax Museum’s great employees), we have another cup of “Hollywood Joe” to sip on today.

Guest post from Joseph who works at the Hollywood Wax Museum in Hollywood, Ca:

I grabbed my favorite Carne Asada taco and tried a roasted veggie taco for a late snack at Las Palmas, tonight. Ok. I had a beer too (or two…) When I hit the street about 10ish, the corner of Las Palmas and Hollywood Boulevard was packed with people and equipment. They were filming the new Wonder Woman TV Show written by David E. Kelly and starring Adrianne Palicki.

The pilot has Wonder Woman running through the streets of Hollywood right past the Hollywood Wax Museum.  Not sure what the Tin Man is doing…

But, here’s something interesting, besides Adrianne’s costume… turns out, the consummate Wonder Woman, Lynda Carter, the beautiful behemoth… is “only” 5” 9 ½” tall. Adrianne is 5’11”.

Joseph – thanks for our guest post and for sharing your Hollywood Nights insight with us!!

Readers – Leave a comment to let me know if you are excited to see the new Wonder Woman show or if you think nothing can beat the original!  If you have any fun entertainment scoop, we’d love to feature you on the Hollywood Joe blog.  You can reach out to us to share your story on our website or on our Facebook Hollywood Wax Museum page!

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