Hollywood Joseph Spots Actress Zoe Saldana

Turns out, even stars have to take a break from their high heels! Our man-on-the-street blogger Joseph catches the Star Trek actress in a light-hearted moment.

As you all know, I work in the very center of Hollywood … and the Hollywood Wax Museum is pretty much in the center of everything that is cool about Tinseltown! As you also know, I get to see my fair share of celebrities. But it wasn’t until a few days ago that I saw someone taking her shoes off in a parking lot!

Hollywood Joseph spots Star Trek Into Darkness actress Zoe Saldana in Hollywood, CALet me explain … I was taking a power walk before lunch — when I caught wind of some commotion in a nearby parking lot. Guess what? It was Star Trek Into Darkness and Avatar actress Zoe Saldana! But I had to laugh — because as she crossed the lot to get to a waiting car, she was actually taking off her shoes! I just had to snap a photo for posterity! Guess she has the same issues with those super-tall high heels that all my female friends and family do…

Anyway, I realized it was just a few days after she celebrated her 35th birthday. And she definitely looked ready to celebrate that afternoon, gorgeous as always! Guess that’s why she’s known as one of the best-dressed actresses in Hollywood.

I’ve also heard she’s been filming a very cool sci-fi film based on the Marvel comic book — Guardians of the Galaxy. And she’s costarring in it with one of my favorite action stars of all time: Vin Diesel! I seriously can’t wait to see it.

Hope you had a fantastic birthday, Zoe!

Another fun sighting, Joseph! Keep ’em coming! Readers: Don’t forget that you can also keep up with Joseph’s adventures on our official Twitter!

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