Hollywood Joe Poses With Actor Malcolm McDowell

Hollywood Joe is out on the town once again, visiting a very unique LA attraction and posing with an industry legend.

Many of you may not know the name Malcolm McDowell , but let me tell you this guy’s been part of the Hollywood scene for years. I was on my way to movie night at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery when I saw him. Sounds morbid but this is an LA attraction- which isn’t as cool Malcolm McDowell as the Hollywood Wax Museum in my humble opinion – but you can go to events right next to the resting places of legends such as Rudolph Valentino and Cecil B. DeMille.

The night I went, Stanely Kubrick’s Clockwork Orange was playing, which Malcolm has said was his best work.

Malcolm began his acting career in the 1960’s and hasn’t stopped. The man is legendary! Flip on the tube and you’ll see him in reruns of “Entourage” or hear his Shakespearean-like voice through multiple video games and animated works. My fav was his character Soran in the film Star Trek: Generations.

Most recently, he starred in the Oscar-winning movie The Artist (which is now out on DVD, yeah!) Looks like he’s got lots more gigs ahead. Live long and prosper Malcolm McDowell.

Thanks Joseph – always a pleasure hearing about your adventures in Hollywood!

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