Hollywood Celebrity Painting by Randy Watkins

Ready for your cup of “Hollywood Joe”?  Thanks to Joseph (Hollywood Wax Museum employee and a careful roaster of “Hollywood Joe”!) here is your cup of Hollywood celebrity art and Hollywood celebrity insight to sip on today.

Guest Post from Joseph (aka “Hollywood Joseph”) of our Hollywood Wax Museum:

Tonight I met Randy Watkins while he waited to see if Christina Aguilera would sign the portrait he painted of her. Randy has been painting stars and doing his best to get his portraits signed since 1992. He doesn’t sell the paintings, but he is starting a TV show about his exploits. Anyway, the good news of the day was Christina happily signed the painting. BTW: If you haven’t seen NBC’s talent show The Voice with Christina as a coach and judge, you must check it out!

Christina Aguilera Painting

Randy Watkins Painting of Christina Aguilera

Joseph – thanks for our guest post and for sharing your Hollywood Nights insight with us!!

Who is your favorite judge on The Voice? Please share your favorite judge in the comments and then we will tell you our office favorite!

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