Hollywood Blvd Is Getting Its Oscar Night Makeover

Hollywood Joe gives you a sip of entertainmentHollywood Joe can taste the excitement surrounding Sunday Night’s 86th Academy Awards Ceremony. We love getting caught up in the buzz while the Hollywood Blvd Oscar preparations are in full force just down the street from the Hollywood Wax Museum.

And, if you’re anywhere near the Museum or the Guinness World Records Museum, located across the street, you can’t miss the construction crews hard at work.

life size oscar statueWe couldn’t resist getting a shot of these larger than life Oscar Statues, appropriately labeled with “heavy” tags. They’re still wrapped in plastic coverings but it was pretty neat seeing them start to arrive. The actual statuette the winners take home weighs in at 8 1/2 pounds and measures 13 1/2 inches in height, making it much easier to display on the mantle than their life-size replicas!

Oscar Prep

To the right you can see the billboard of Academy Awards host Ellen DeGeneres who we anticipate will be a great host for the evening ceremonies, along with a few of the numerous tents being set up to accommodate attendees and news crews.

Hollywood Joe was happy to snap a few pictures of the set-up before Los Angeles, CA got hit with its first storm in months! No doubt the weather will make setting up the bleachers, tents, and red carpet a bit more challenging than planned, but it hasn’t stopped crews from working at full speed to be ready to welcome all of our favorite Hollywood celebrities.


Above is  a great close-up of one of the larger tents being constructed that sits just across from the El Capitan. As you can see, getting ready for the Oscars is a Hollywood Production in itself!

Dolby Theater

In the picture to the left you can glimpse the walkway that’s been constructed over the Blvd that leads to the Dolby Theatre, where the ceremony will be held. While the Theatre has been home to the Awards Show  since 2001, did you know that the very first ceremony in 1929 took place out of the public eye completely? An Academy Banquet was held at the prestigious Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel where 270 people attended. At the time, this was a huge event for the Hotel and Hollywood, and garnered lots of attention despite the lack of cameras.

If you’re in the Hollywood area and plan on visiting us or hoping to do some celebrity spotting this weekend, make sure you check out this article for street closures and alternative routes.

Also, there’s still time to enter our Oscar Sweepstakes, where four lucky winners will take home VIP packages comprised of Hollywood Wax Museum Tickets and souvenirs! Make sure to enter your predictions for the top award categories before Sunday for a chance to win.

What’s your favorite part of the Academy Awards Ceremony? Share with us on Facebook, thanks!

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