Hollywood Wax Museum Family To Be Honored At Heroes Of Hollywood Luncheon Today

The Hollywood Chamber Community Foundation is honoring selected community leaders at the June 7, 2012 Heroes of Hollywood Luncheon.

Hollywood Joe is so proud of Hollywood Wax Museum’s founders, the Sundher family, who will be among the honorees.

Jay Sundher, Kabir Sundher, Tej Sundher and Raubi Sundher own and operate the Hollywood Wax Museum, created in 1965 by their father and grandfather.

This means so much to the Hollywood Wax Museum and it’sfounders, who have been in the Hollywood community since 1965. Spoony Singh created the Hollywood Wax Musuem, and his family has been one of Hollywood’s most generous supporters ever since.

According to the “Heroes of Hollywood” Award Committee, the Hollywood Wax Museum brought energy to Hollywood Boulevard and has helped spread the “brand” of Hollywood around the world. The Sundher Family continues to support community efforts that build the unique quality of Hollywood and continue to improve the security and marketability of Hollywood. Their strong belief in Hollywood is an inspiration to both business owners and community supporters.

The Committee is comprised of members of the Hollywood Chamber who are volunteers and have proven to be community leaders themselves.

In addition to the Sundher Family, Honorees this year include:
-Dr. Kwang Yul Cha, Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center
-Officer Kevin Cotter and Detective Craig Marquez with Los Angeles Police Department -Officers Michael Ayala, Michael Coogle, George Islas, Sgt. Dave McCall, Sgt. Solomon Patton and Officer Leonard Sterling with the Sunset & Vine Business Improvement District Security
-Laurie Goldman, GO! Goldman Organization
-Albert Sweet, Occidental Entertainment Group Holdings, Inc.

Hugh Hefner will be awarded with the Hollywood Distinguished Service Award in Memory of Johnny Grant, a special award reserved for those outstanding individuals whose contribution and commitment to the Hollywood community rises to a level that implies a lasting positive impact to the city, the people and the dream that is Hollywood.

Congratulations to the Sundher Family and the other honorees!  Horray for Hollywood!


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    I wondering if you’s have any brochure’s or pamphlets that you can send to me. My address is 1206 W King St. Apt.1 York,PA 17404 Thank You.

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