Grauman’s Chinese Theatre Hangover 2 Premiere

Happy Hollywood Celebrity Sightings!  We have a guest post from Hollywood Joseph (one of the Hollywood Wax Museum’s long-term great employees) with a full-bodied fresh-roasted “Cup of Hollywood Joe” to sip on today.

Guest post from Joseph “aka Hollywood Joseph“:

Thanks to our Hollywood entertainment guru and guest blogger “Hollywood Joseph” (one of the Hollywood Wax Museum’s great employees), we have a big, bold, custom-roasted mug of “Hollywood Joe” to sip on today.  Enjoy!

The Hangover was one of those hold-the-phone-it-hurts-to-laugh-anymore movies for me. So, when I heard about the premiere of The Hangover 2 at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, I just had to go check it out. Well, talk about embarrassing. Ken Jeong (Mr. Chow) was the first to arrive on the red carpet, and I was standing close enough to ask for an autograph. He signed a movie still that I brought on a clipboard, but when I began to pull it away, I accidentally hit him right in the face with it. I was so horrified that I kept saying I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry. And, every time I said it, he said it’s OK, it’s OK, it’s OK. After that, I slunk out through the huge crowd and figured it would probably be safer for me to watch from a distance. BTW: Ken is a licensed medical doctor, and his wife is a doctor too. Way to go, Joe… injure a doctor!

Ken Jeong

Ken Jeong at Hangover 2 Premiere

One more thing about Ken Jeong… I am not so tall, so I didn’t really notice how tiny he is. But, when I looked at my pics, I had to find out his height. Interestingly enough, it is not posted in all of the usual places, and I had to dig around a bit. I came up with this site, Celeb Heights, that reports him as 5 ft. 5 in. tall.

Ken Jeong image 2

Hangover 2 Premiere - Ken Jeong

Joseph – thanks for our guest post and for sharing your Hollywood Nights insight with us!!

Did you see the Hangover 2? If so, let us know if the sequel is worth seeing in the theaters.

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