Emmy Rossum Charms Fans in Hollywood

If you’re a fan of Emmy Rossum (and ice cream), you’re in for a real treat with this guest blog from our star-sighting guru and Hollywood Wax Museum employee, Joseph.

Ever had a day where everything goes wrong?  Well that was my day, so humor me.  I slept straight through my alarm, wore two mismatching shoes to the Hollywood Wax Museum and forgot my lunch!

So after work, I went straight home to do nothing but chow down on Chinese takeout and watch TV.  But as fate would have it, the cable box broke and my food was cold.  No “Game of Thrones”?  Could this day get any worse?

I needed a walk, so I grabbed my sweatshirt and put on a pair of matching sneakers.  What would make me feel better?  ICE CREAM.  Rosewater ice cream from Mashti Malone’s!  Headed down La Brea with only one thing on my mind…

That’s when I saw her – Emmy Rossum!


A small crowd had already recognized the actress and she was super sweet to everyone.  She stopped and posed for pictures right there on the street!


She acted nothing like her character, Fiona Gallagher, on “Shameless.” The first two seasons of “Shameless” were so great, I can’t wait to see Emmy on season three!






Emmy (who sang opera as a kid before joining acting school) starred in the film “Phantom of the Opera,” playing the lead, Christine.  Who knew she was multi-talented and charming! She was dressed up all in yellow and smiled the whole time.

Her smile made my day…and so did that scoop of ice cream.  Guess the day turned out OK after all!





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2 Responses to Emmy Rossum Charms Fans in Hollywood

  1. Mike says:

    Joe, congratulations man! I am so proud you met Emmy. I have been a fan of her since Day After Tomorrow. She is so precious. Emmy is the most lovliest and most beautiful person ever. I have also heard she is really sweet and I am glad you met her. Meanwhile I am exited about her wonderful career. Ms. Rossum has blossomed!

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