DWTS’s Karina Smirnoff Strikes A Pose With Joseph

Our own Hollywood Joseph rubs elbows with a leading lady of ABC’s Dancing With the Stars!

I had just wrapped up for the evening from another eventful day at the Hollywood Wax Museum when I had the lucky fortune to practically tango into Karina Smirnoff of ABC’s Dancing With the Stars. And can you say “Cha-cha-cha!” It’s moments like these that make me so grateful I never leave the house without my camera. I’ve been big fan of the show and something about watching the dancers and their celebrity partners waltzing around the dance floor  has always made me secretly desire to take dance classes. The pros, like Karina make it look so fun and easy, although I know that’s not the case.

Dancing With the Stars dancer Karina Smirnoff poses with Joseph.Not being one to miss an opportunity, I introduced myself to the Ukrainian beauty and told her how talented she was and mentioned my interest in learning a few steps. She was super nice and, as it turns out, actually owns her  very own dance studio in the San Fernando Valley. Perhaps I’ll finally take the plunge and sign up for a beginner’s Salsa course — and just hope I don’t step on anyone’s toes!

It’s clear I wasn’t the only one who wanted a few moments of Karina’s time so I thanked her for posing with me and continued on my way home. I think she was doing a few press interviews for the newest season of DWTS which premieres September 16. Her partner is Corbin Bleu, from the hit show Glee! I can’t wait to see this talented duo sizzle on the dance floor.

Karina Smirnoff and JR Martinez win Dancing With the Stars.

Karina Smirnoff and celeb dance partner, JR Martinez, take home the “DWTS” prize
Photo Credit: thehollywoodgossip.com

By the way, did you know that — besides being an internationally-recognized, award-winning ballroom dancer — she also graduated from Fordham University with a double major in Economics and Information Systems Programming?

Gosh, she’s multi-talented!

And I hear she’s also writing a book and has a workout DVD, “Shape Up with Karina.”

Glad to have had a quick rendezvous with her! Time to check out the rest of the new DTWS celebrity cast and to do a little bit more research on some beginner’s dance classes.

Wow! Hollywood Joseph practically dances with the stars. Readers: What do you think of the newest Dancing with the Stars cast? Who are you excited to see on the dance floor?!

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