Colin Farrell at Thor Premiere at El Capitan Theatre

Thanks to our Hollywood entertainment guru and guest blogger “Hollywood Joseph” (one of the Hollywood Wax Museum’s great employees), we have a big, bold, custom-roasted mug of “Hollywood Joe” to sip on today.  Enjoy!

Guest Post from Joseph (aka “Hollywood Joseph”) of our Hollywood Wax Museum:
I was heading to American Apparel today to get a gift card for my niece and kind-of scooting behind the crowd that was waiting to see the stars come out for the premiere of Thor at the El Capitan Theatre. Just before I hit the Cefiore Frozen Yogurt, I turned around to see Colin Farrell walking right towards me. I was the only one there who got a picture with him!

Colin Farrell and Hollywood Joseph

Colin Farrell and Hollywood Joseph

BTW: My favorite Colin movie is Tigerland, where he stars as a rebellious army recruit going through Advanced Infantry training at Fort Polk, Louisiana (the infamous Tigerland), the last stop before going to Vietnam. I also liked him as super assassin Bullseye in Daredevil with Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner (before they were married).

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Joseph – thanks for our guest post and for sharing your Hollywood Nights insight with us!!

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  1. nalin montez says:

    I have been a huge colin farrell fan for as long as I can remember seeing him in movies. i hope to become an actress one day and meet him and say to him all the things a fan can. congrats on metting him joe!

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