Celebrity Sightings at the Animated Film, Rio, Premiere Night

Happy Hollywood Celebrity Sightings!  We have a guest post from Hollywood Joseph (one of the Hollywood Wax Museum’s long-term great employees) with a full-bodied fresh-roasted “Cup of Hollywood Joe” to sip on today.

Guest post from Joseph “aka Hollywood Joseph”:
You can’t always walk on a certain the side of the street in Hollywood… because sometimes you run into walls like this.

Chinese TheatreIt was premiere night for Rio, the animated film about the blue Macaw named Blu voiced by Jesse Eisenberg (major departure from The Social Network). Anyway, it’s pretty wild to see this kind of event unfold from a distance. Guess you can’t be claustrophobic to be a star or, at least, have a very low threshold for personal space. They are literally surrounded by people, cameras, and stuff!

Other observations: While stars like Anne Hathaway (voice of Blu’s love interest Jewel) and George Lopez (voice of Toucan Rafael) were getting out of limos…

Anne Hathaway

George Lopez

Judd Apatow and his wife Leslie Mann (voice of Blu’s owner Linda) just walked across Hollywood Boulevard at Orange and came in through all of the equipment instead of the crowd. They must have parked behind the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel or the TV Guide building.

Judd Apatow and Leslie Mann

Jamie Foxx (voice of Nico the canary) was the only star I saw who didn’t just wave while trying to wade through the scene. He walked across the street from the Chinese Theater (where I was)… right into the crowd and shook hands, signed autographs and took pictures with people (all women, actually).

Jamie Foxx

Joseph – thanks for our guest post and for sharing your Hollywood Nights insight with us!!

Did you see the animated film Rio? If so, please post your review to the blog comments.

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