Barry Williams (aka Greg Brady) Surprises Manager at Hollywood Wax Museum Branson

Barry Williams (aka Greg Brady) at Hollywood Wax Museum Branson

Barry Williams (Greg Brady!) and Dancing with the Stars of Branson Champ Chuck O'Day

Here’s the story of a lovely Brady… who came to the Hollywood Wax Museum in Branson, Missouri yesterday to meet a very special star.

That’s right! Barry Williams (aka Greg Brady) stopped by to see Hollywood Entertainment Center General Manager Chuck O’Day, winner of this year’s Dancing with the Stars of Branson!

Oh yeah, and to enjoy the Hollywood Wax Museum and the other Branson attractions at the Hollywood Entertainment Center!

Chuck was happy to welcome this legendary entertainer (now performing at the Yakov Smirnoff Theatre) to all four Branson attractions in the Hollywood Entertainment Center.

Barry got the Pick 4 VIP Pass and had a blast at the Hollywood Wax Museum and Hannah’s Maze of Mirrors. He’ll be back soon to join the battle against evil at Castle of Chaos and putt through palm trees, parties, and paparazzi at Shoot for the Stars Mini-Golf.

Of course, Barry Williams is accustomed to the life of Hollywood celebrities. He started acting at age 11 and played Greg Brady on the blockbuster hit family sitcom The Brady Bunch for five seasons when he was 15 to 20 years old. The show has aired in reruns ever since!

But, as Hollywood Joe found out, Chuck is not the only lucky person in Branson, MO to see Barry Williams. Everyone can have Brady Brunch with him!

Barry is performing in a musical variety show that includes brunch like only Alice could make, including Hollywood Joe’s favorite dessert: straw-barry shortcake!

The show itself is a family-friendly cabaret, full of music, stories and laughter, according to the Joplin Globe. Barry is a consistently great performer, and his band, dancers, and cast are truly entertaining.

So, if you’re in or coming to Branson, Missouri, get your tickets for the Brady Brunch with Barry Williams today!

And, make sure to say “Hi” to Barry from Hollywood Joe!

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