“Alien Actor” Bill Blair sets Guinness World Record for Most Special Effects Characters

Bill Blair - Arrives at the event in full special effects makeup

Our own Hollywood Joseph (a great Hollywood Wax Museum employee) was there when actor Bill Blair was honored at the famous Los Angeles attraction, the Guinness World Records Museum in Hollywood, for his record breaking career portraying special effects characters on the big screen. Joseph took these picture of Blair, whose rather unique career started back in 1989. He has portrayed 202 characters in movies and television that have required him to wear special makeup and/or prosthetics. Some of his most notable appearances include parts in Star Trek РDeep Space Nine and Babylon 5.

Blair’s ability to sit patiently for hours during makeup applications has given him an upper hand in the world of special effects character acting. Blair was quoted recently at the award ceremony for his record breaking career as saying “I like to tell people that I started training for this type of thing when I was a child, because I would love to sit in front of the television and watch Saturday morning cartoons for hours on end, and I wouldn’t move.”

Bill Blair - Red Carpet Interviews in front of the Guinness Museum of World Records

For the red carpet event at the Guinness World Records Museum on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Blair was presented with a certificate acknowledging his record breaking career amongst a number of Hollywood celebrities he has worked with over the years. As a treat to his fans, Bill arrived on the Hollywood red carpet as a character and was trnasformed back to himself during the course of the evening.

Pic: Neko Kelly

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