Hollywood Wax Museum Honored by Hollywood Arts Council

Hollywood Wax Museum - Hollywood

Hollywood Wax Museum to be Honored with Charlie Award from Hollywood Arts Council

HOLLYWOOD, CA (March 29, 2008) - The Hollywood Wax Museum will receive the Entertainment Arts Award at the 30th Anniversary Black Tie Gala and Charlie Awards Ceremony tonight in Hollywood. The prestigious award is being presented by the Hollywood Arts Council to honor individuals, businesses and organizations that have made outstanding contributions to Hollywood's art and culture.

Now the longest running wax museum in the nation, the popular Hollywood attraction has been visited by millions of guests since it opened on Hollywood Boulevard 43 years ago. Founded by storied entrepreneur Spoony Singh, the ownership of the museum has remained with his family under the business name Kuvera Attractions.

According to the Hollywood Arts Council, "In Hollywood, entertainment comes in a variety of formats. For over 40 years the Sundher family has practiced the art of sculptured wax figures, providing an up-close look at Hollywood's stars and the characters they portray. The Hollywood Wax Museum is being honored tonight for its ongoing dedication to providing quality entertainment in Hollywood."

The Charlie Award will be accepted by Kuvera Attractions partner and Singh's grandson, Tej Sundher during a star-studded ceremony at the legendary Jim Henson Studios, historic site of the original Charlie Chaplin Studios and A&M Records. A gourmet meal will be prepared by Ilan Hall, winner of Top Chef 2.

Sundher will bring an intricately-sculpted wax head of Charlie Chaplin to the podium as he shares insights about the changes that have been made at the Wax Museum over the last 40+ years. "Not many kids dream about running a wax museum when they grow up. But, thanks to my grandfather, I had the opportunity to dream about it and do it," says Sundher.

Sundher continues, "Over time, our sets have become more sophisticated, the popular stars of the 40s, 50s and 60s have been replaced with today's favorites, and even the technology to make the molds is different. But, what hasn't changed is the amazing ability to take a common lump of candle wax and mold it, sculpt it, position it, and dress it to become someone you know and love from the movies. The other thing that hasn't changed is the pleasure people get having the chance to step into those movies and, as my grandfather said, to see and get close to the stars on Hollywood Boulevard."

For additional information about the Charlie Awards, call the Hollywood Arts Council at (323) 462-2355 or visit www.hollywoodartscouncil.org. For more on the Hollywood Wax Museum, call (323) 462-5991 or visit www.hollywoodwax.com.

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