Joseph Catches A Glimpse Of Dennis Quaid In Hollywood

Our guest blogger Joseph is used to seeing all manner of celebrities in and around Hollywood… but this time, he caught a glimpse of one who was driving the boulevard!

If you’re anything like me, you sometimes forget that celebrities are real people — doing everyday “real people” things like going to the grocery store or picking up dry cleaning, just like the next guy or gal. Even though I work in the heart of Hollywood and have had my fair share of celeb encounters, I’m still pleasantly surprised when I see a star behind the wheel of a car!

Actor Dennis Quaid drives past Hollywood Joseph in Hollywood, CA.

Case in point … Just the other day, I was meeting and greeting the awesome patrons at the Hollywood Wax Museum when I saw a familiar face — wearing trendy black sunglasses, of course — driving down Hollywood Blvd., right in front of me. That familiar face was none other than actor Dennis Quaid! He was so friendly that he even slowed down when he saw me take my camera out — and he looked right at me! Cool pic, right?

Dennis’s latest movie, At Any Price, is out now, and I want to see it. He stars with Heather Graham and Zac Efron, who recently told, “We didn’t really have a lot of those sort of creature comforts on this movie … [Dennis and I] kind of just hung out a lot together. We hung out in his car a lot, which sounds creepy [laughs]. It was really nice. He’s wise beyond his years and he’s a really great guy.”

Guess Dennis likes spending time in his car! I have to say, it was a pretty nice ride — so I can’t blame him…

That’s a fun sighting, Joseph. And what a great photo you managed to snap! Readers: Have you ever found yourself next to a celebrity while sitting in your car at a stoplight? Post about your sightings in the comments below.

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